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What is A pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is a minimally invasive endodontic treatment that is used to restore the health of a tooth with infected or inflamed dental pulp. Your tooth’s dental pulp is the soft inside layer of the tooth and it can become infected from dental trauma or untreated tooth decay.

A pulpotomy is specifically used to treat primary teeth that have an infection that is fully contained in the tooth’s crown. Once the infection reaches the pulp in the tooth’s root, a pulpotomy is no longer viable. Our Columbia team removes only part of the dental pulp (the infected pulp in the tooth’s crown) but we leave the roots alone, unlike in root canal therapy where all of it is removed and the canals are cleaned. 

After partially removing the tooth’s pulp, the tooth is filled with a medicated filling to kill bacteria and replace the missing pulp. Contact us at Tiny Tooth Pediatric Dentistry to schedule a consultation.

Did you know…

Your child should wait for the anesthetic to wear off before eating or drinking hot liquids.

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Our Pulpotomy Process: What To Expect

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Oral Exam

Dr. Kim will need to perform an oral exam during your consultation to determine if a pulpotomy is the right treatment for your tooth. 

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Access Hole

After numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic, we will use a dental drill to make a hole in the tooth. This will reveal the tooth’s pulp.

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Removal of Pulp

The crown portion of the dental pulp will be scraped out.

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A medicated filling is placed inside and the access hole is sealed. Stainless steel crowns are usually used in the rear molars to protect the teeth from damage.

Did you know…

Experiencing discomfort for longer than 48 hours after a pulpotomy is abnormal and you should contact us if this happens.

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What’s the Healing Process After a Pulpotomy?

After receiving a pulpotomy, you may experience some minor bleeding, swelling, and tenderness for a few hours. However, this should subside rather quickly and can be managed by taking anti-inflammatory pain medication. 

Once the procedure is complete, the infection will have been completely removed and your tooth restored. However, if you were prescribed antibiotics, make sure that you take all of them.

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Do pulpotomies Hurt?

No, a pulpotomy does not hurt because we administer a local anesthetic to completely numb your mouth. While you may feel a bit of pressure or sensation of movement in your mouth, you will not feel any pain. A pulpotomy is very comparable to a routine feeling and is no more painful than a filling. If anything, a pulpotomy will cure your tooth pain that is being caused by an infection so it reduces pain and discomfort.

Did you know…

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Pulpotomies have a high success rate that is comparable to root canals.

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