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What Qualifies As a Pediatric Dental Emergency?

Sometimes the unexpected happens and we’re confronted with an emergency dental issue that requires immediate treatment. This can include a knocked-out tooth, uncontrolled bleeding, signs of an infection, severe tooth pain, dental trauma, a broken tooth, or jaw injuries. 

If you’re wondering what qualifies as a dental emergency, ask yourself if the issue is severe or could lead to serious oral health complications and if the problem requires immediate treatment. If the problem cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment, give our Columbia team a call so we can fit you in for a dental emergency.

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Did you know…

The hospital is not the best place to take your child for a dental emergency unless the issue is very serious or life-threatening.

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What to expect at your child’s Emergency dental appointment

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We will examine your child’s mouth to look at the cause of the problem. X-rays will be taken to determine if they have a tooth infection or damage to their dental pulp.

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Pain Relief

The first thing we will do is relieve your child’s pain. Local anesthesia will be used before we begin treating the issue so they won’t feel any discomfort anymore.

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Treatment Plan

We will work on removing any sources of pain, swelling, and bleeding. Once Dr. Kim determine if your child has suffered from dental trauma or an infection, we can formulate a treatment plan to prevent the situation from worsening and restore your child’s oral health.

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Unless the problem can be treated in a single appointment, we will schedule follow-up appointments for your child to come back to complete their treatment or to make sure that the issue has been resolved and is healing properly.


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In a dental emergency, it’s important to stay calm. If you panic, your child will also panic and it will be more difficult to manage the situation so they can get help. Take a second to breathe and identify the issue by asking them what happened or if they are very young, examining their mouth. 

If a tooth has been knocked out, you should locate it, pick it up by the crown, not the root, and rinse it off with water. Try to have your child put the tooth back in the socket. If it’s unable to reattach, store it in a container of milk and bring it along to their emergency dental appointment. 

When an issue like this happens, you should contact our Columbia team right away because our ability to save the tooth is time-sensitive. This is also the case for dental trauma and infections. The longer you wait, the worse the problem can become. 

For immediate relief, have your child take an age-appropriate dose of ibuprofen to relieve pain. A cold compress can reduce swelling and rinsing the mouth with lukewarm saltwater can remove bacteria, debris, and food particles. Keep their head elevated.

If your child is bleeding, use some dampened fresh gauze to stop the bleeding and take them into the dental office right away. For severe bleeding or life-threatening injuries, you should take them to the ER.

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If My Child Chipped Their Tooth, Is It An Emergency?

The severity of a chipped tooth in children can range from a slight cosmetic concern to a significant dental issue. A minor chip may only affect the tooth's enamel, while a more severe chip could extend to the tooth's nerve, potentially causing pain or sensitivity. In the event that your child chips a tooth, it's crucial to contact Tiny Tooth Pediatric Dentistry immediately. Dr. Su Kim will thoroughly examine the tooth to determine the extent of the damage and provide expert advice on the appropriate treatment.

Before your appointment, it's important to keep your child's mouth clean. Rinse gently with water to remove any debris and ensure the chipped area is free of food particles. It's advisable to avoid foods and drinks that might exacerbate sensitivity or discomfort in the chipped tooth. Apply a cold compress if there is any swelling or pain.

Prompt treatment is key when dealing with chipped teeth. Even a seemingly minor chip can escalate into more significant dental problems if left unattended. Dr. Su Kim's expertise in pediatric dentistry ensures that your child will receive the best care, tailored to their specific needs. By acting swiftly, you can help protect your child's dental health and prevent further complications.

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What To Do If A Baby Tooth Is Knocked Out?

If a baby tooth is knocked out, it's important to stay calm and handle the situation appropriately. First and foremost, don't attempt to reinsert the tooth into the socket. This is different from handling a knocked-out permanent tooth. Rinse the child's mouth with water gently, and use a cold compress to reduce swelling or discomfort. It's crucial to visit Dr. Su Kim as soon as possible to ensure there are no fragments remaining and to get professional advice on the next steps. Dr. Su Kim will assess the situation and may discuss options to ensure proper spacing for the permanent tooth that will eventually erupt. Remember, while losing baby teeth is a natural process, a knocked-out tooth due to injury should always be checked by a dental professional like Dr. Su Kim.

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How Do I Prevent Dental Emergencies?

While not all pediatric dental emergencies can be prevented, there are steps you can take to minimize the risk. Regular check-ups with Dr. Su Kim at Tiny Tooth Pediatric Dentistry are crucial in maintaining your child's oral health and catching any potential issues early.

At home, encourage good oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Limit sugary foods and drinks that can lead to cavities and tooth decay. If your child is involved in sports, a mouthguard is a must to protect their teeth from injury.

Lastly, education is key. Teach your child about the importance of taking care of their teeth and the potential dangers of not doing so. This includes explaining why they shouldn't use their teeth as tools to open packages or bite down on hard objects, as these actions can lead to chipped or broken teeth.

Remember, when it comes to pediatric emergency dentistry, Dr. Su Kim and the team at Tiny Tooth Pediatric Dentistry are here to help. We offer comprehensive dental care for children, including emergency services, to ensure your child's smile stays healthy and bright.

Did you know…

If your child has severe tooth pain that does not go away and cannot be relieved with pain medication, it is considered a dental emergency.


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