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Tiny Tooth Pediatric Dentistry is a children's dental office with a dedicated team that endeavors to protect your child's needs. Our Ellicott City pediatric dentist, Dr. Su Kim, is an expert in treating kids of different ages. If this is your initial visit, we will customize our services for your child's level of understanding and age. Every child has unique needs, so we ensure every visit is unique and personalized.



TEETH CLEANING AND EXAMS - You should bring your child to our dental office as soon as their first set of teeth starts to erupt. We will assess your child's dental development and clean the tooth at this visit. It is advisable to schedule a teeth cleaning and exam visit once after every six months. The dentist will remove tartar or plaque and floss your child's teeth to prevent tooth decay.

EMERGENCY CARE - A dental emergency can be stressful for you and the child. If your child is experiencing uncontrolled breathing, difficulty breathing, or tongue swelling, you should consider contacting us immediately.

RESTORATIVE DENTISTRY - When teeth cleaning and oral exams are not enough, you can count on us to offer restorative dental treatments to restore your child's smile. From extraction of problematic teeth to simple dental fillings, our services can help ensure your child has a healthy smile.

SEDATION - Most children in Ellicott City do not look forward to visiting their dentist. Some children are more sensitive and cannot remain still during dental treatment. However, with sedation, fear and anxiety can be minimized. All it takes for your kid to get started with sedation is a simple consultation with Dr. Kim.

EXTRACTIONS - If your kid's tooth cannot be salvaged with our restorative dentistry procedures, we are left with only one viable option—extraction. Before removing it, we will numb the section with local anesthesia to ensure your child is comfortable. The dentist will then loosen the tooth from your child's jawbone and surrounding tissues and ligaments in a gentle motion. Once it is loosened, it is gently removed.

PULPOTOMIES - Our pulpotomy dentistry service can be an effective solution if your child's primary teeth have been infected by tooth decay or trauma. Our Elliott City team will remove part of your child's dental pulp and fill the area with a medicated filling that kills bacteria.

SPACE MAINTAINERS - We use stainless steel dental appliances known as space maintainers to prevent your child's primary teeth from leaning or shifting. The maintainers keep the missing tooth's space open until it is time for your child's permanent tooth to erupt.

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